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Desktop Computers Becoming Obsolete or Not?

Desktop Computers Becoming Obsolete or Not?

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Computers are probably the most significant technological advancement that humans have seen in the past 25 years if not more. The world is driven by technology, but over the years it seems desktop computers have lost their fizzle. Are they slowly moving towards history? Or will they remain desirable for many years?

Technologies are constantly moving forward

Benefits of Desktop Computersd were tablets, notebooks, and even smartphones have the resources and power that used to require large machines. So the question that everyone’s wondering is… Do laptops provide sufficient power and resources to extinguish the need for desktops? Well to reply to that question let me start by defining some key benefits of desktop computers.

More CPU and GPU (graphics power) – If you are seeking CPU power (gaming, graphics, video, graphics) you’ll be wanting a quad core or higher CPU. U will find this in laptops but the price tag is significantly higher.

Disk Space – Desktop computers have more transistors which means faster performance. So Hard drivers of equivalent storage are slower in laptops than they are in desktops

Video Performance – If you’re looking for the latest and greatest of video performance, you won’t find laptops that can suffice. While they do handle full HDMI playback, but it’s still know where near the capability of the dedicated video cards that are put in desktops.

Upgrades – Desktops are much more compatible when it comes to upgrades. They have much more space for additional hardware without having to worry about weight and portability.

Cost – Desktops may also be a lot more practical in price. You can typically buy a desktop for half the price of an equally powered laptop.

It isn’t practical for laptops to use advanced processors, video cards and ram that are used in desktops. Laptops are hindered in their performance by the need for portability. The average computer user will see the benefits of replacing their laptop with a desktop computer, but that doesn’t mean there becoming obsolete. Until Laptops can match or exceed the strength of a desktop, they will remain in demand.

So is It Sill Justifiable to acquire a Desktop Computer?

For people who work from home, or need a very powerful computer for work, gaming, or other programs, it is worth buying a desktop computer. Even if you can find a laptop that satisfies your needs in that sense, it will sometimes cost double the price as a desktop with the same power. With desktop computers you can also add storage, ram, video cards, audio cards and much more without having to worry about space constraints or proper ventilation.