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Mac V’s PC Computers

Mac V’s PC Computers

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Mac V’s PC Computers
If you have recently been looking for a new computer then you understand that there are a million different options when it comes to selecting options, brands, and models. One of the greatest questions that you should ask yourself is whether you want a well-established Microsoft Windows based computer, or the more modern and trendy Apple Macintosh.

Both of these machines are considered to be personal computers, or PCs, but the majority people are referring to the Microsoft Windows operating system when they mention PC. Apple Macintosh users refer to their computers as a Mac and run a different operating-system than their PC counterparts.

PCs and Macs both have a large fan base full of loyal customers who will do all they can to convince you of the other company’s errors and shortcomings. The truth is that both PC and Mac have benefits and drawbacks and the purpose of this article is to help you determine which brand will be better on your behalf own personal needs.

Usability and performance

Most offices and corporations lean towards using the Windows based PCs because they have been developed primarily as a word processing, spreadsheet, communication, and e-mail machine. These are all important features for corporations and other business-minded people and organizations. If your goals for your computer are primarily to organize and manage your work, school, and other business affairs, then the PC might be a better choice for you.

This does not mean that the Apple Macintosh would not provide these features, because it does. However, the primary reason most people purchase a Mac is that it developed for media savvy users. Apple has long been a leader in design, production, and continuing growth of media including photos, videos, and music. This is the main reason why Apple is more popular among young people. Apple also spends plenty of time and money on developing usable features, gimmicks, and shortcuts that make usability simpler and more enjoyable.


Apple has long had the edge in the design aspect of the PC. Apple Macs are sleek, light, and classy because they have spent plenty of money in designing computers that may be smaller and smaller. In recent years, however, the Windows-based PC industry has learned that people want their computers to look nice in their homes. Consumers are now given several choices when they purchase their PC that will give their computer a trendier look. Apple still holds the edge in this category, if design is important to you, but Windows-based PCs have gained ground in the recent past.


If cost is a factor in your decision you will then be turned off by many Apple Mac products. Prices for their standard models are much more than PC and increase dramatically as performance increases. A Pc can often be purchased for nearly half as much as a similar Macintosh machines, but may not provide quite as many features. If you are on a tight budget with your computer selection then you will probably lean towards purchasing a Windows-based PC. However, if you are not so worried about money then you may determine that the extra features on the Mac are worth the excess spending.